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Evoloshen is an international corporate training and consulting company that provides a unique approach to Cultural Transformation. Our proven outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks help organizations significantly increase cultural engagement and develop more effective trustworthy leadership. We make it easy for our customers to work with Employee Engagement, Trust, and Purpose as sound business strategies to increase productivity, attract and retain top talent, create high performance, and increase profits.

The Programs We Offer


“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Evoloshen Research

Immerse Yourself into the Field of Cultural Engagement

Evoloshen collaborates with top leadership experts, neuroscientists, and large organizations around the world to deliver cutting-edge research. To date, this research has impacted thousands employees and inspired hundreds of companies to take a different approach to transforming performance, mitigating bias, and rethinking learning and organizational change.

Our Experts

Research Board

Our Research Board highlights breakthroughs in Employee Engagement, Neuroscience and Organizational Behaviour and produces peer-reviewed research and Whitepapers that are also shared by Evoloshen Research.


The late Judith Glaser

Research Focus: Neuroscience & Conversational IntelligenceTM

Founder, CEO of Benchmark Communications, Best-selling Author of seven business books



Shawn Achor

Research Focus: Positive Brains and Performance

NYT Best-selling Author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage



Michelle Gielan

Research Focus: Communication and Sustainability

Founder of Institute for Applied Positive Research & Best-selling Author of Broadcasting Happiness



Richard Barrett

Research Focus: Values

Chairman and Founder | Barrett Values Centre



Emma Stenström, PhD

Research Focus: Compassion and Culture

Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden



Peter Hopkinson, PhD

Research Focus: Circular Economics

Professor of Innovation and Environmental Strategy, University of Bradford School of Management, England



Susanne Sweet, PhD

Research Focus: Sustainable Business

Professor, Stockholm School of Economics Department of Marketing and Strategy
Research Platform Manager Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets



Francesca Gino

Research Focus: Organizational Behavior

Professor of business administration in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit at Harvard Business School.



Paul Zak

Research Focus: Human Connection

Founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies and Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University.


Find Breakthroughs in Critical Cultural
Engagement Challenges


We collaborate with top researchers, academics and experts specializing in various aspects of engagement and business. We love to stay on top of the latest research and want to share the great work and insights with our business community. Here you will be able to gain access to various topics that will give you great information and knowledge that will empower you to understand and work with your culture and engagement even more. Consider this your go-to hub for the latest research on employee engagement, trust, purpose and company culture.

The Most Amazing Leader Series
In this series of interviews, Karin Volo has candid conversations with CEOs who are spearheading change in the business world and thought leaders in the academic world in the various areas of engagement. The interviews will give you new and in-depth viewpoints into live case studies from companies that are showcasing a new way of doing business and the latest research. These interviews are inspiring and insightful and have key learnings in each one. Sign up here to gain access to the free interviews now.


It’s time to ENGAGE! Learn how business is evolving. You ll gain insights from 30 progressive companies that are revolutionizing the way we do business leading to a rise in productivity, profits and employee engagement. Discover the proven formula to how YOUR company can make a positive impact on the planet by using business as a force for good…getting results that will make all your stake holders happy.

The international bestselling book, ENGAGE!, is your step-by-step guide to engaging your employees to create a lasting legacy. You will experience behind the scenes case studies with some of the most amazing companies such as TOMS, Virgin, Zappos, PUMA, Southwest, Whole Foods, HCL Technologies and many others. You will discover tools to identify new trends and implement proactive strategies to maintain a viable business in the ever-evolving marketplace. And you will learn how using employee engagement is a sound strategy for increasing productivity and revenues. Business as usual is anything but usual.

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Evoloshen Academy

Evoloshen Academy is bringing joy to workplace! We train and empower leaders and employees to step into their best versions of themselves to shift the organization. We help bridge to a new business mindset. This is based on years of researching Amazing Companies that are showing the way to more sustainable business models using culture and focusing not only on profits, but also on the people and the planet as well. Our programs are purposely designed to impact both on an individual basis as well as organizationally. As a preferred provider, you can also earn continuing education credits with SHRM and HRCI through this training.

ICES™ Certification Program

Help your company flourish from the inside out and become a highly impactful, value adding leader with certification as an ICES™, an International Cultural Engagement Specialist™! Effectively managing employee engagement is critical to your team success; our ICES™ Certification Program will give you all the tools and strategies necessary to boost your company’s employee engagement and improve productivity and profits as a result.
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Ignite Your Trust Factor Leadership Training

Ignite Your Trust Factor Training is based is a leadership training that transforms and empowers leaders to significantly improve working relationships, optimize productivity in teams, and build a high performance culture. Based on the latest neuroscience and engagement research, this gives hands on tools for leaders to improve their conversations and relationships across the board. Our unique Neuroscience of Engagement and Trust or NET Leadership model was developed from years of executive coaching and mentoring to help individuals, teams, and organizations understand key human drivers and behaviors, how to use trust as a business building strategy, and how to vastly improve collaboration, creativity and connection to consistently influence a positive outcome.
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Resilience and Joy Ambassador Training

The Joy Ambassador Training includes 10 empowering steps to increase your resiliency and make a positive impact at work. You will discover the 5 Cultural Keys and the impact they have on your company culture. Also, you will learn why it is vital to have joy in your work including lessons on trust, purpose and passions. This training is built on using the latest neuroscience and engagement research. Feel positive and engaged with tools and knowledge to bring out the best in yourself and in others. In this introduction program, you will be productive while experiencing more joy at work and in your life!

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Business Solutions


We have a broad expertise with our partners who can help to support executives and employees through our coaching services.
Whether it is for Executive Coaching or Mentoring, Conversational Intelligence, Career Development, Out Placement, Life Design, or Personal Development, our coaches help to bring out the best in people through their training, experience, and frameworks.

Contact us to let us know your needs and we’ll match you with an amazing coach for an initial discovery session!
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Chief Cultural Officer

As we find more and more companies working strategically with culture, it is often delegated to HR—who already had their plate full with so many tasks. Since our Executive Partners at Evoloshen have a broad level of experience and expertise, especially around cultural development and engagement, we can work together with you on to develop and get the cultural strategies into place and implemented in your organization. Rather than hiring a permanent new position, bring a Chief Cultural Officer on board on a part time basis for as long as you need it and we’ll accelerate the process for you!

Contact us to discuss this further.
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Discovering Your Purpose

Becoming a purpose-driven company is the way to future success. Having a unifying purpose statement is the foundation to building sustainable engagement for the long haul. We have a proven methodology that will pull the bigger purpose from your organization. Contact Us if you want a proven process to create a purpose from within your organization.
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Inspirational Speaking

As an inspirational speaker, our Founder, Karin Volo, is often hired to present at conferences, seminars, universities, and company events and workshops on the topics of Engagement, Purpose, and Culture. Contact Us to get in touch with Karin directly or you can get more information at

About Us

Our Purpose
Bringing Joy to the Workplace

Our Mission
To help create amazing companies that believe in a new way of doing business, prioritizing the people and the planet alongside profits. We do this through innovative training, workshops, and programs around building sustainable employee engagement.

We’re here because of our WHY

“The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t just have a career, they have a purpose.”

Simon Sinek, bestselling author

We’re with bestselling author and speaker Simon Sinek on this one – people don’t really care what you do, they care about why you do it.

According to Gallup, 85% of the global workforce is disengaged at work. This to us is a tragedy—and we want to change that!

At Evoloshen, we constantly remind ourselves of our company purpose:
Bringing Joy to the Workplace.

Our Values & Manifesto Guide Us

It’s important to have strong values leading a team and a company, just as it is for an individual. We live by four values we have collectively voted for internally. These values are reflected across the board, leading us behind decisions we make with our teams, our partners, and our customers.

Passionate & Purpose Driven
We use our passion and energy to create happiness and we love what we do! We are energized and inspire others. Our purpose is to bring joy to the workplace and it’s contagious! We know that being passionate and purpose driven is the best way to reach your full potential.

High Integrity
We believe that honesty, transparency, and respect are the foundation to any business relationship. We are open-minded and strive to come from a place of service at all times. We believe in bringing high value in all that we do.

Delivering Excellence
Our attitude and motivation comes from Making It Happen! We are ambitious, creative, innovative, and believe in delivering the WOW factor in all that we do. We dare to step out of the box and our excitement is contagious, all while delivering high value and excellence.

We Care
We believe strongly in contributing to making our world a better place. We understand how collaborating and supporting each other is for the greater good of all. We believe that giving is having more and that we can use business as a force for good. That’s why all of our business activities have a positive impact connected to them. We genuinely care for our colleagues and customers—they are our extended family and friends! And we truly want the best for everyone at all times!

The Motivation Behind Our Work

Bringing Joy to the workplace with a new business model using innovation mixed in with corporate training and cultural hacking is our formula for success!

While many look at global problems like economic growth, workforce effectiveness, employee turnover, chronic skills gaps and focus their time and energy fixing the problem, we take a different approach. How?


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller, scientist and futurist

And that’s exactly what we’re doing—helping our clients to create an engaging and purposeful business culture where employees are thriving.

We work with our client companies to build new engaging models that make today’s problematic models obsolete, and at the heart of our approach is “cultural hacking.” Thus, “culture hacking” is the art of involving people and education in smart effective ways to rapidly “recode” and advance culture, altering in the process the behaviors of everyday individuals to make them adopt smarter practices that elevate their lives.

What Does Evoloshen Mean?

We believe that we are all on a journey…a journey of continuous growth and development. So we are constantly evolving as individuals, teams, and organizations. Evoloshen means “evolving spirit” because we touch the hearts and souls of people and organizations and help in reaching your full potential.

Our Team

CEO and Founder


Karin Volo (Chief Joy Bringer / CEO), an expert in engagement, personal and organizational development, and is an international best-selling author. With over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies globally, she has insights on business building, cultural transformation, building trust, purpose, and high performance. Karin loves working with cultural development, employee engagement, leadership training / mentoring, professional inspirational speaking and writing. She is also a Certified C-IQ™ Coach. Karin has been recognized as a global leader and employee engagement expert the last four years on the Engagement 101 list, the Top 30 HR Influencers and the 15 Most Influential Women in HR lists, and recently named on the 2020 Top Thought Leaders in Trust list. Her purpose is bringing joy to the workplace.  Just listening to Karin’s laugh is contagious! VIEW FULL BIO

Languages: English, Swedish

Our Executive Partners


Vivien Hunt (Chief ChangeMaker, Head of Coaching, UK & South Africa)
Vivien is a Coach and Consultant specialising in Change and Transformation. Her focus in organisations is in developing their people, culture and building high-trust organisations. She works with leaders and teams to create healthy work environments and improve employee engagement, communication, well-being and employee retention. Vivien is a Co-Active Coach (CPCC, ACC) and Certified C-IQ™ Coach. Based in London, UK, Vivien considers herself a global citizen. She has worked and lived in more than 20 countries and travelled to over 60 of them! She started her career as an HR business consultant working on large global ERP and business transformation projects, and has experience within multi-nationals across a range of industries and sectors. In her spare time she loves dancing, theatre, yoga and travelling.

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Contact: Vivien (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Pearl Peng (Chief Innovation Officer, USA)
Pearl is our Chief Innovation Officer & Founder of Benchmark Maven. She started her career in various hands-on leadership roles and has become a multicultural and multilingual expert with 17+ years at IBM, and in the Fortune 500 world for over 25 years. Pearl is passionate in solving her client’s top-of-the-mind business issues. She coaches and works effectively with C-level executives as well as all personnel levels addressing their strategic, tactical, operational and cultural issues and risks. Pearl successfully led and coached high-performing business teams combining data, tools, ancient arts and practices, with innovative science and technologies. Pearl holds an MBA with a focus in MIS and Finance, is a Certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach, Speaker, Yoga Instructor, Qigong Practice Leader, and Reiki Master. Pearl practices mindful living and is also a Vipassana meditator and volunteer server. She currently lives in Massachusetts, has one adult daughter, and enjoys creating worthwhile memories with her family, friends and relatives in the United States and Asia.

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka Chinese

Contact: Pearl (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Monica Villaba, (Learning Ninja, Sweden)
Monica is Venezuelan but resides in Sweden since 2001. She has extensive experience in international sales, marketing and training management in the medtech, IT and educational field. She holds an ICI coaching certification and an MBA with a focus in International business. Her purpose is to empower individuals and companies by offering them tools to create a more meaningful and prosperous future.

In her free time, Monica loves to create with her hands. She is also very interested in the human wellbeing where she has a holistic approach combining nutrition, and training of the mind and body.

Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish

Contact: Monica (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Sayre Darling, (Communications & Cultural Change Agent, USA)
Sayre works with leaders at the intersection of culture, change and growth.

Her portfolio of experience in coaching, consulting and mentoring the C-Suite – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, includes setting and aligning strategic priorities, operationalizing strategy, and, driving organizational growth and large-scale change. Industries of expertise include professional associations, health care providers, insurance, IT, medical technology, and professional service organizations.

Sayre excels at working with leaders on complex issues helping them to navigate difficult conversations; coaching and consulting high performers to become more effective leaders;  expanding organizational capacity through cross-functional leadership; building employee trust and; and navigating organizational transitions and crises.

Sayre is an ACC (Associate Certified Coaching credential from the International Coach Federation. She received her coaching certification from The Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif.; she has an MBA from the University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn., and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Passions include creativity of any kind: Business development, writing, cooking, gardening, and textile art.

Contact: Sayre (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Karin Ulfhielm (Chief Energy Amplifier, Sweden)

Karin is the founder of Vargkask & AZK. She started her career in Human Resources in large international corporations, in both informal and formal leadership roles before she started her own business in 2005. Karin is true “people person!” She loves working on both the individual as well as the organizational level from a holistic perspective, knowing that sustainable growth happens and is achieved simultaneously in several dimensions interdependently.

With a BSc in Behavioural Sciences as foundation, she has since constantly pursued an explorative learning journey in self-awareness as well as building and extending her “development toolbox”, driven by her curiosity and her love of learning new things. Her coaching experience with individuals ranges from working with C-level executives, middle management as well as other key figures. She has worked on facilitating and coaching management teams, training leaders and managers and helping organizations through various transformational processes.

Karin is a Certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach & Facilitator, a Certified Agile People Coach (ICP-AHR), Certified RMP Master, Open Space Facilitator, International Cultural Engagement Specialist, speaker, podcaster and the list goes on…

She currently lives just north of Stockholm together with her husband, her two teenage daughters and two bubbly and lively cats. Music plays – and has played throughout her life – a huge role, both when it comes to listening to and being moved by as well as performing and singing. She really enjoys training crossfit, and socializing and hanging out with close friends eating good food combined with a nice glass of wine.

Languages: Swedish and English

Contact: KarinU (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Anil Sethi, (Chief Talent Transformer, India)

A Mindful Coach Teaching Beingfulness & Leadership

Anil, with 27 years of work experience is a Globally experienced unbiased ICF certified Business and Life Coach, a Master Leadership trainer, a NLP Practitioner and a Hypnotherapist. He is based from New Delhi, India and has worked in talent transformation, education, international marketing, project management in over 12 countries.

Anil is an MBA Birmingham Business School, UK, Masters in Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, globally benchmarked educational institutions.

He carries with him 1400 training man-days of experience and has lead training| coaching for over 6000 managers| leaders| students leading across generations and cultures.

Anil’s positive and energetic style has built leadership pipelines and build org wide learning cultures.

Anil loves to volunteer with NGOs, Police & Defence forces in India and is a selected global coach for UN women social entrepreneurs.

An expert business and transition coach, he actively works to help people cross the bridge between work- life-religion-spirituality. He is a sought after HiPo leadership and Neuro Leadership trainer.

His research interests include SQ (Spiritual Quotient), Laser Coaching, Anonymous mentoring.

He loves being close to nature and people. A passionate reader, he comes from a highly educated family and lives in India with his wife and two children. Anil is a big time “foodie” has a taste for good and unique food.

Languages: English and Hindi

Contact: Anil (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Brett Radford (Chief Transformational Specialist — Australia/New Zealand/Asia)
Brett started his career as a tradesperson in the Hydro Electricity Generation industry based in New Zealand. After studying in contract law and business management his career path took him to ABB, a large global electrical engineering technology company, where he spent 18 years spanning many industry sectors in various roles, from Contracts Manager, Engineering Manager, Maintenance Manager and more recently, General Manager of performance based maintenance agreements, working in many countries with many diverse cultures. Brett has a passion for supporting people to learn, grow and develop. His strength is in leadership development and culture change, he has a ton of enthusiasm for improvement which people find contagious. His deep passion for cultural work and employee engagement comes from hands on experience of transforming businesses through the employees.He has the happy knack of being able to get the best out of people in the most difficult of circumstances and being able to turn an operation around through motivating others. These days Brett is often called the “Transformation Guru” because of his proven track record.

Contact: Brett (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Ines Basta (Rewiring Master, Eastern Europe)
Ines is a Personal Development Coach whose mission is to inspire, encourage and teach people to rewire themselves to be able to achieve their full life and working potential. With more than 15 years of experience in diverse roles such as Executive Manager, Chief Manager and IT Business Consultant she has developed a strong sense of good leadership in practice. Ines has expanded her knowledge and became an Associate Certified Coach credited through International Coach Federation after graduating as Erickson Certified Professional Coach. She is also becoming a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Practitioner. Ines has always had a huge passion for helping others to grow and deeply enjoys being able to do that through her work. When Ines isn’t coaching, consulting, or learning some new skills, she likes to travel, read, knit and run.

Languages: Croatian, English

Contact: Ines (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Steve Jones (Wizard of Technology – CTO)
Steve is our technical wizard in the background keeping everything technical running smoothly. Steve is the COO of Dominate, with 13 years experience running online businesses and helping entrepreneurs run and grow theirs. During his free time, Steve enjoys tennis, music and caring for his dog Lancelot.


Jen Tingle (Happiness Engineer – Online Manager & Affiliate Director)
Jen is our resident Happiness Engineer and takes care of a myriad of duties, including affiliate relations, customer service and keeping the team organized. In her spare time, Jen loves to read, watch movies and spend time with her husband and daughter.

Contact: Jen (at) Evoloshen (dot) com


Exclusive Partners


ITO is an international company specialized in diagnostics, selection and development of individuals, teams and organisations. We aim at understanding human needs, passions and talents. We create significant development for employees and organisations. ITO is our Exclusive Partner in the Eastern European region, responsible for delivering our training in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Our Culture

As a business that also focuses on employee growth and happiness, we inspire our team to be creative, productive, innovative, and most importantly – to feel really valued.

Join Us

We’re a fun group and doing good in the world. We always look for purpose driven and results oriented people who want to have a positive impact on others.

Some of our amazing clients that are impacting the workplace and the world!


Strategic Alliances

We have some strategic partnerships with companies that are positively changing the workplace as well. We can recommend them to complement your engagement work.

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