Evoloshen Reports

At Evoloshen, we are curious by nature and dedicate time to research topics that are pertinent to the market. Through our network and amazing clients, our esteemed research board, and our executive partners and strategic alliances, we have complied a number of valuable reports. You are invited to download all the reports that are of interest for you. You’ll also be added to our mailing list, where you’ll get first notification when we do have new reports through our monthly newsletter. We trust that you will find plenty of value here. Please reach out to us if we can support you in any way on your cultural journey.

AI and the Future of Company Culture

Discover key insights & trends in the AI & the future of Company Culture Report and how it will impact your business

10 Biggest Mistakes When Working With Culture

Discover the 10 biggest mistakes you can make when working with culture

32 Virtual Activities to Create More Engagement, Connection and Joy at Working

Learn 32 simple engagement activities that can help you increase connection, boost morale and help you have more joy at work

Virtual Culture Report

Discover insights from employees and leaders around the world and what they really think about working in a virtual culture

ROI of Trust Report

Discover the ROI of Trust in 15 hard metrics

CEO Culture Report

Discover insights from global CEOs and what they really think about culture