Welcome to the 90 Day Engagement Accelerator!

This is where YOU get a chance to make your workplace more fun, more connected, and more engaging for yourself and for your team!

Research shows that it takes 66 days on average to create a new habit. The 90 Day Engagement Accelerator is a way to boost engagement and systemitize your culture in a fun way by developing yourself, your team, and getting everyone on board so that you can increase the productivity, performance, and yes, even the profits of your company.

This is a unique company wide training program during a three month period that will help to:

  • – Strengthen relationships with your co-workers
  • – Make you more aware of your own engagement and how you are contributing at work
  • – Significantly enhance trust levels and communication skills by learning the latest on neuroscience and hands on tools to work with—you’ll love this part!
  • – Help you to boost your own productivity and results
  • – Co-create an amazing company culture with your colleagues doing great work in the world

This is done by accelerating the culture through…

  • Igniting the Trust Factor — by learning the latest in Neuroscience on Engagement and Trust, you will:
    • – communicate more effectively creating Rapid Trust
    • – learn hands on tools develop that enhance trust immediately
    • – get results faster and build stronger relationships (and this won’t just be at work!)
    • – We’ll let you know the schedule for this 5 week training so you can put it into your calendar
  • Boosting Engagement and Productivity — Every week you’ll get an email with a small activity to test during the week. Using proven engagement activities, our unique 90-Day Engagement Accelerator process will:
    • – build stronger teams that truly care about each other
    • – significantly increase your enthusiasm about your work
    • – strengthen the connections and collaboration with your co-workers
    • – play with this one to see how you feel and what you really liked. We’ll be asking for your feedback along the way
  • Sustaining Momentum — be an active part of creating sustainable engagement that YOU get to help co-create and make a part of your company’s DNA. 
    • – together you will help to create a  unique cultural blueprint
    • – discover creative ways to systemitize your culture that you love!
    • – maintain holistic engagement strategies for the long haul 


We’re sure you’ve heard this saying….

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. – Peter Drucker

Culture is your company’s biggest asset…and that is made up by YOUR contribution on a daily basis. Your leaders understand that companies that work on their culture are the ones that will have the most success in the coming years. And you get to be an active part of this journey to continue to build an amazing culture because YOU matter!

The biggest mistake a company can make is NOT working with the culture actively, not investing in it and in the people, but rather just letting it happen just by default.

It’s essential to proactively develop and create the culture you and your co-workers actually love to be a part of. We are here to help support you through this 90 day program to do just that so that your company–and everyone there–thrives!

So it’s time for you to take action and help to make your culture the best that is can be! Remember, you are going to get out of this what you put into it so decide now to play full in! You’ll be glad you did! Over the next 90 days, you’ll have a chance to make a huge positive impact not only with your team, but also in your own personal life as well as for the entire company!

The first step is to enter your name and email below so that we can get your into our system and give you access to the first phase and keep you in the loop over the next 12 weeks. See you on the inside and….Welcome to your culture and engagement journey!