90 Day Engagement Accelerator


Increase Trust, Attract, Engage and Retain Employees

To Increase Your Productivity, Profits, and Positive Impact


Research shows that it takes 66 days on average to create a new habit. The 90 Day Engagement Accelerator is a way to boost engagement and systemitize your culture in a fun way by developing your employees and getting everyone involved so that you can increase the productivity, performance, and profits of your business.

This is a unique company wide training program during a three month period that will help to:

  • – Attract top talent
  • – Retain great employees
  • – Significantly increase trust levels and communication skills
  • – Boost the productivity of the current workforce and increase profits
  • – Build & maintain an amazing company culture doing great work in the world

This is done by accelerating the culture through…

  • Igniting the Trust Factor — by learning the latest in Neuroscience on Engagement and Trust, you will:
    • – communicate more effectively creating Rapid Trust
    • – learn hands on tools that enhance trust immediately
    • – get results faster at less costs
  • Boosting Engagement and Productivity — using proven engagement activities, our unique 90-Day Engagement Accelerator process will:
    • – build stronger teams
    • – significantly increase enthusiasm
    • – strengthen the connections and collaboration with your employees
  • Sustaining Momentum — by installing Cultural Heroes who know the ins and outs of culture and engagement, as you continue to grow your company you will:
    • – create a  unique cultural blueprint
    • – discover creative ways to systemitize your culture
    • – maintain holistic engagement strategies long term 


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. – Peter Drucker

Culture is your biggest asset. The companies that work on their culture are the ones that will have the most success in the coming years. According to research from EY, 76% of companies that have invested in their culture have had a 9% to 15% + return on their investment.

As the Non-Executive Director of a FTSE 100 retail company notes: “By investing in culture and focusing on togetherness through teamwork, our business outcomes have been enhanced and revenue gains have improved. The motivation of our leaders and the dedication of our staff have allowed us to exceed our goals.

The biggest mistake you can make is NOT working with your culture actively, not investing in it and in your people, but rather just letting it happen just by default.

It’s essential to proactively develop and create the culture your employees will love. We help you do just that so that your company–and employees–thrive!

If you are ready to take action and make your culture the best that is can be, contact us at Support@Evoloshen.com to book a Culture Strategy Session and see if this program is a good fit for you. We may just be the right partner to support your cultural journey!