In the Amazing Leader Series, what you will learn from top leaders will shift your perspective and empower you to know that you can build your business while making a huge difference as well…

Vanessa Hall

  • Affectionately known as The Trust Lady, discover why Vanessa Hall’s background in compliance and risk management in financial services made her want to create a more trustworthy business environment
  • Dive into Vanessa’s trust model called ENP: Expectations, Needs and Promises 
  • Learn the difference between explicit and implicit promises and how those apply to her trust model
  • Find out how Vanessa teaches others to build back trust when it’s broken
  • Listen as she explains the secret to having strong trust in business relationship
  • Discover what Vanessa believes is the best way to build a culture of trust and what leaders need to do to implement it

Jeffery Crabb

  • Learn how Jeff helped bring his family’s company back from the brink of bankruptcy at the young age of 19
  • Find out what experience made the biggest impact on his career, why he’s thankful for it and how he had to learn to be resourceful
  • Discover what motivates Jeff the most and how he considers himself a builder of people and creator of opportunities for others
  • Learn about Diamond C’s 28 Foundational Behaviors, why it focuses on actional behaviours vs ideas of values and why is makes up his dream for his company culture
  • Listen as Jeff explains the impact of the pandemic, how it actually accelerated growth for his company and exposed opportunities for improvement for their leadership infrastructure
  • Find out how he feels about the idea of “cancel culture” and the good piece of advice his mother gave him that applies to his responsibilities as a CEO
  • Hear Jeff explain why it’s important to maintain in-person human connection and why it helps build trust and respect

Rikard Josefson

  • Learn what the gamechanger was for Rikard’s business and how it shifted the way he worked
  • Discover what inspires him, how helping people reach their full potential is so important and how he accomplishes that
  • Learn more about Rikard’s “brainy day” events and why he believes everyone is equally important in a company
  • Find out how he believes the pandemic affected the financial industry and why it’s important to be transparent in banking
  • Learn why Rickard believes costcutting is not the way to move a business forward and why he feels investing in people is best the way to run a company
  • Listen as Rickard talks about how uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges facing CEOs today and why being flexible is critical to a company’s success

Kristen Hadeed

  • Learn how Kristen’s journey from cleaning houses to earn extra money led to her becoming the CEO of a cleaning company
  • Find out how the experience of the majority of her employees quitting early on led her to realizing that failure is just a chance to grow
  • Listen as Kristen talks about her calling of “bringing humanity back into business” and why it’s so important to be authentic and embrace who we are
  • Discover why Kristen thinks the environment and culture of a company is more important to most people than a big paycheck or glamorous title
  • Learn why she is pivoting from a cleaning company to a student development company with their leadership curriculum
  • Listen to Kristen’s advice on aligning multiple generations and why it’s important to ask the hard questions

Chester Elton

  • Learn why Chester thinks it’s important to surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Discover why gratitude is a key component to leadership and how it leads to extraordinary results
  • Find out what two things need to accelerate during a crisis or big change
  • Learn why Chester believes assuming positive intent is an important quality of leadership
  • Discover why leaders that are more vulnerable and more transparent are the ones winning over their employees
  • Learn why as a leader you DON’T always have to have the answers

Rachel Faller

  • Discover why Rachel was initially against entering the fashion industry and how she changed her mind
  • Listen to why she feels like a lot of CEOs are stuck between a rock and a hard place and why it’s so important to stay true to your values
  • Learn why company culture was always Rache’s first priority
  • Find out why Rachel feels new technology is not the solution and what she feels is the real answer
  • Hear her piece of advice to CEOs about how important equitable exchange is

Richard Sheridan

  • Find out why public speaking is one of Richard’s favorite parts of his work and what it really means to him
  • Discover why during this unique time, there is no longer a space for individual heroes and how important a team-based environment is
  • Listen to Richard explain why and how trust works in a company
  • Find out the fours things he believes artificial intelligence will never take over from humans
  • Learn why Richard believes his biggest job as CEO is to pump fear out of the room
  • Understand why having an intentionally joyful culture is integral to a company
  • Discover how a moment with his 8-year-old daughter forever changed his view on leadership
  • Find out why almost leaving his industry ultimately propelled him to his current success

Tom van der Lubbe

  • Discover how a personal crisis early in his life shaped his outlook
  • Learn why Tom, CEO and founder of finance service company Viisi, thinks managers should read more books on philosophy and ethics less books on management
  • Why your employees need to feel safe in their companies and how solidarity creates more productivity
  • Discover Tom’s company philosophy of holacracy: what it means and why it works
  • Learn why 2020 was his company’s best year and how it’s thriving during hard times
  • Find out why he believes culture and trust should be at the core of any business and why companies should reflect the rest of society

Johan Birgersson

  • progressive CEO committed to developing people and creating a great culture shares insights on his journey
  • EasyPark is a fast growing digital app company with a purpose of making cities more livable
  • EasyPark is in 2000 cities, over 20 countries, and has been recognized as one of the Best Managed Companies by Deloitte for the last two years
  • learn from Johan’s mistakes on culture and what to focus on to transform it
  • discover why culture must have leaders on board
  • how trust impacts the company and the culture
  • and what happens when there isn’t a culture match
  • and so much more!

Ronald Abvajee

  • with a purpose to inspire a healthier nation, Ronald is a media personality, inspirational speaker, a health and engagement expert, a physiologist, as well as a 5th-degree black belt and world champion in karate.
  • learn how this CEO of an 8 figure corporate wellness business is making a huge impact in South Africa
  • learn Ronald’s secret to success in less than one minute and how it has transformed his life and business
  • discover the highest priority for leaders and how to manage stress
  • listen how to make your challenges relevant to your team to reach all of your goals
  • be inspired by how to tap into your grit to get through anything
  • Ronald is launching ground-breaking health tech to assess wellbeing needs, provide expert information and content, access to healthcare providers, training, mentoring and e-learning
  • under his leadership, HLC was the winner of the Future of HR Awards in 2019 in the Corporate Wellness Champion category

Bobby Herrera

  • learn from the CEO of one of the fastest-growing HR services companies in the United States with annual revenue over $600 million and many Fortune 100 customers
  • listen to this purpose-driven leader with a passion for building strong culture and communities through trust and storytelling
  • discover how Bobby’s leadership style is about empowerment, connections, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed and his three tips for leadership excellence
  • learn how by sharing his personal purpose, Populous grew from $100M to over $500M in a few short years
  • Bobby is the author of the bestselling book, The Gift of Struggle, a book about leadership and the life-changing lessons we learn through our struggles and he shares some of his best tools to thrive in our conversation

Stephen M.R. Covey

  • learn about the essence of true leadership from Stephen’s years of experience both as a hands on CEO as well as global thought leader
  • discover how to increase profits and the 3 times multiplier for performance in your organization
  • understand the Four Cores to Credibility and how they impact your relationships and teams
  • hear why collaboration, trust, joy and purpose all have a huge impact on your business
  • and many more powerful takeaways in this interview!

A CEO Conversation on How to Bring Your Business Back Strong After this Global Crisis

  • listen in on this Amazing Leaders conversation on leadership during the global pandemic with wisdom on how to manage and bring back companies in a strong and caring way that genuinely supports the people
  • featuring great insights, experience, and knowledge from Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Garry Ridge, CEO of The WD-40 Company, and Jason Lippert, CEO of LCI Industries
  • learn from three companies’ proven culture journeys
  • get inspired from their insights on leadership, culture, and people

Katarina Walter

  • learn from an inspiring leader who has won CEO of the Year with her company that has won Agency of the Year several times
  • discover the journey of taking a professional services business into a sustainable model and HOW they actually measure their impact – insights into why values, purpose, and sustainability are vital to the future success of a company
  • why it is vital to develop your employees
  • what is keeping this company together during the global coronavirus crisis

Jason Lippert

  • learn how this $2.5B manufacturing company has transformed its culture over the last seven years and how they reduced employee turnover 75%
  • insights into developing leaders through dedicated coaches
  • the impact having a dedicated philanthropy team had on their business

Bob Chapman

  • learn about Bob’s journey to take an outdated 80 year old $20M company and grow it to a $3B global company with over 100 acquisitions along the way
  • what key events changed Bob’s outlook and management style forever
  • why Barry-Wehmiller has an amazing culture and how they’ve been able to train their leaders and managers to truly care, making them a preferred employer

Dr. Paul Zak

  • learn the simple formula to truly transform into a high performance organization
  • why the future include “neuro job crafting” and the implications to the workplace
  • understand the latest neuroscience research on how to create trustworthy leadership and why it is essential for any organization

Garry Ridge

  • how language shapes the culture
  • changing managers to coaches and why that matters
  • how he took WD40’s market cap as a public company from $250M to $2.6B in 15 years with a compound annual growth rate of total shareholder returns of 15%

Vineet Nayar

  • the one word he changed that make a huge difference in engagement
  • how to be an impactful leader
  • the best words of advice for CEOs from someone who’s been there