In the Amazing Leader Series, what you will learn from top leaders will shift your perspective and empower you to know that you can build your business while making a huge difference as well…

Davin Salvagno

  • Learn what the biggest shift is to being purpose driven and why—one of the best explanations to date!
  • Understand the difference between purpose and why and how this is misunderstood
  • Discover why aligning your personal purpose to your company’s purpose is vital
  • Hear Davin’s insights on the evolution of mission, vision, and values compared to purpose
  • Why gratitude has such value in our lives, especially at this moment in time
  • Learn about The Purpose Summit and why these conversations will change the world

NK Chaudhary

  • Learn how NK started with two looms in a small house and grew into a global brand and why he is often referred to as the ‘Gandhi of the Carpet Industry’ 
  • Discover why NK believes that the deeper you go into your core, the harder it is for your global competitors to copy you
  • Learn why NK reject the company models driven by greed and fear and why he believes companies driven by love will not only succeed but heal society
  • Listen as he describes 6 qualities he believes every company should have and which one he believes is the one we need most right now
  • Find out why NK believes CEOs need to unlearn what they know
  • Discover NK’s concept of totality and how it impacts his business

Richard Sheridan

  • Find out why public speaking is one of Richard’s favorite parts of his work and what it really means to him
  • Discover why during this unique time, there is no longer a space for individual heroes and how important a team-based environment is
  • Listen to Richard explain why and how trust works in a company
  • Find out the fours things he believes artificial intelligence will never take over from humans
  • Learn why Richard believes his biggest job as CEO is to pump fear out of the room
  • Understand why having an intentionally joyful culture is integral to a company
  • Discover how a moment with his 8-year-old daughter forever changed his view on leadership
  • Find out why almost leaving his industry ultimately propelled him to his current success

Johan Birgersson

  • progressive CEO committed to developing people and creating a great culture shares insights on his journey
  • EasyPark is a fast growing digital app company with a purpose of making cities more livable
  • EasyPark is in 2000 cities, over 20 countries, and has been recognized as one of the Best Managed Companies by Deloitte for the last two years
  • learn from Johan’s mistakes on culture and what to focus on to transform it
  • discover why culture must have leaders on board
  • how trust impacts the company and the culture
  • and what happens when there isn’t a culture match
  • and so much more!

Stephen M.R. Covey

  • learn about the essence of true leadership from Stephen’s years of experience both as a hands on CEO as well as global thought leader
  • discover how to increase profits and the 3 times multiplier for performance in your organization
  • understand the Four Cores to Credibility and how they impact your relationships and teams
  • hear why collaboration, trust, joy and purpose all have a huge impact on your business
  • and many more powerful takeaways in this interview!

A CEO Conversation on How to Bring Your Business Back Strong After this Global Crisis

  • listen in on this Amazing Leaders conversation on leadership during the global pandemic with wisdom on how to manage and bring back companies in a strong and caring way that genuinely supports the people
  • featuring great insights, experience, and knowledge from Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Garry Ridge, CEO of The WD-40 Company, and Jason Lippert, CEO of LCI Industries
  • learn from three companies’ proven culture journeys
  • get inspired from their insights on leadership, culture, and people

Jason Lippert

  • learn how this $2.5B manufacturing company has transformed its culture over the last seven years and how they reduced employee turnover 75%
  • insights into developing leaders through dedicated coaches
  • the impact having a dedicated philanthropy team had on their business

Bob Chapman

  • learn about Bob’s journey to take an outdated 80 year old $20M company and grow it to a $3B global company with over 100 acquisitions along the way
  • what key events changed Bob’s outlook and management style forever
  • why Barry-Wehmiller has an amazing culture and how they’ve been able to train their leaders and managers to truly care, making them a preferred employer

Dr. Paul Zak

  • learn the simple formula to truly transform into a high performance organization
  • why the future include “neuro job crafting” and the implications to the workplace
  • understand the latest neuroscience research on how to create trustworthy leadership and why it is essential for any organization

Garry Ridge

  • how language shapes the culture
  • changing managers to coaches and why that matters
  • how he took WD40’s market cap as a public company from $250M to $2.6B in 15 years with a compound annual growth rate of total shareholder returns of 15%

Vineet Nayar

  • the one word he changed that make a huge difference in engagement
  • how to be an impactful leader
  • the best words of advice for CEOs from someone who’s been there