COIN Tuscany Conference 2017 – 1st Payment

We are so excited you will be joining this year’s COIN Conference in Tuscany on Sept 7th – 10th! It will be an experience to remember.

Please complete the form below to process your deposit of $365 (~3.200 SEK). The charge on your credit card will show A Life With A Fabulous View, Inc and please know that we allow for currency exchange rates to vary.

We will send over the final payment link in early August.

**Also please note that our system does NOT accept Swedish letters: å ä ö so just use a regular a or o instead otherwise the payment will not go through.

COIN Tuscany Conference 2017 – 1st Payment

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Thank you and we’ll see each other soon!


Karin Volo
Chief Joy Bringer
Director of Evoloshen
Coordinator of COIN