COIN Tuscany Conference 2017 – Final Payment

We are so excited you will be joining this year’s COIN Conference in Tuscany on Sept 7th – 10th! It will be an experience to remember.

Please complete the form below to process your final payment of $425 (~3.397 SEK + processing fees). The charge on your credit card will show A Life With A Fabulous View, Inc and please know that we allow for currency exchange rates to vary.

Please check in with the FB group to coordinate flights and car rentals with the others.

Looking forward to creating more memories of a lifetime together!

**Also please note that our system does NOT accept Swedish letters: å ä ö so just use a regular a or o instead otherwise the payment will not go through.

COIN Tuscany Conference 2017 – Final Payment

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Thank you and we’ll see each other soon!


Karin Volo
Chief Joy Bringer
Director of Evoloshen
Coordinator of COIN