Why Settle for Average When You Can Have Amazing?

become an amazing companyHistorically, the way we measure standards is based on the average….from school to work, we’ve been conditioned to see what the average is and then strive to be average, like everyone else. But we should we sell ourselves short? Why should we settle for average when we can be amazing? We have built our Voloshen System, and the Most Amazing Company strategy, around the best of the best companies doing the most innovative practices to date.

When we measure customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction, what are we really measuring?

The definition for satisfy is: to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment

Satisfaction is the same as OK or fine—but there is no WOW in that!

We are striving to far exceed satisfaction with excellence—what we call “The WOW Factor”.

One of the key factors that make a company amazing is that they have RAVING FANS—they far exceed the average and over-deliver, they exceed the expectations, to their customers, their partners, their suppliers, their employees, and in their contribution to the world.

They deliver the WOW factor.

  • Word of mouth advertising is the best and strongest kind of advertising that will have a much better and lasting impact
  • The word spreads through social media because we are living in a transparent society (and traditional marketing avenues simply are not producing what they used to)
  • Over-deliver on the experience and expectations for your products and services for everyone involved with the company
  • Create a culture that everyone wants to be a part of both internally and externally
  • Even when you make mistakes, your raving fans will be very forgiving and are rooting to see you succeed!
  • Have a higher purpose for making the world a better place in some way that is clear and consistent in your message and marketing
  • When you have created this, you do not need to sell because the message sells itself—and, if the marketing is done correctly, has presold your customers before they even come to you!
  • You do not need to worry about competition because who is going to take away from your higher purpose—people will want to help you reach your objectives
  • Your profits increase because your employees are more productive, you have higher repeat business from your customers.

become an amazing company - VoloshenWhat business owner doesn’t want this for their business? What leaders wouldn’t love to have this environment to work with? What employees wouldn’t love to be a part of making such a difference in the world? The great news is that this is possible for any business—if you’re willing to do the work to get there.

This will mean turning some things upside down from the traditional ways of doing business. It means being open-minded and willing to embrace new ways of thinking and of seeing the world. It means taking the leadership role of implementing the change. But the upside to this is far greater than the uncomfortable space of change.

We all need to embrace the changes our world is facing and allow the best of the best of these changes to surface in our lives and in the way we interact with each other. Business is still about relationships. By embracing the new technological advances, you can create quality relationships and loyalty with millions of customers.

It is possible to create a market space with no competition! Instead of falling into the scarcity model of thinking and going into a commodity downward spiral, it is possible to focus on the transformation and uniqueness that creates an abundant upward spiral of greater productivity and profits that benefit everyone.

It is time to make Amazing Companies the standard. If you want to make this happen easily and in a fun method, contact us at Evoloshen and we will show you how. It’s time to shift the way we do business.

3 thoughts on “Why Settle for Average When You Can Have Amazing?”

  1. This is great and revolutionary! Whenever I am tempted to be fearful that there won’t be enough customers, I stop and remember how many people there are in the world who desperately need our services…far more than we could even imagine! I also love the point about creating a fun and rewarding culture…the law of attraction always works! Thank you for the great post!

    1. Thanks for the comment Tricia. There’s a new mindset entering our entire world that will change the way we do business, the way we live, and the way we treat each other.

  2. YES! Such good points! In know that in the U.S. we are taught from a young age how to fit in, which can deeply damage our ability to be anything but average. It IS time to turn ‘some things upside down”! Thanks!

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