A New Way of Building Your Business…

The last few years have been very interesting for me in coming back into the business world after being literally in isolation and completely unplugged from any technology. It’s been a huge learning curve for me to get the hang of all the social media like facebook and twitter, to understand blogging, to building global relationships virtually, to understand online and affiliate marketing, to do webinars, teleclasses, create information products, launch books and programs…OMG, the list goes on and on. It definitely can be a little (or a lot!) overwhelming if you want to have your business online.

This is the future of all of our businesses. A web presence in essential to represent who you are, what you do, and most importantly—WHY you’re doing it. A website is the least of what you’ll need. And although all this technical stuff can be a bit much, the great news is that you can have a global presence and leverage your business, serve your ideal clients globally, all for very little costs. For example, you can produce easy videos that will connect you to your potential clients easily with an iphone and youtube.

Your business or work is an expression of yourself. As you ramp up your service, as an entrepreneur and a leader, you will hold the vision and inspire others to help support you in creating what you see for your work.

One of the best secrets I’ve discovered is working with a virtual team. I hire people on a project basis who love to do what they do and can do it quickly for a great price. My technical team is in India, my graphic designers are in Chile and Australia, my illustrator is in Colombia, my copywriter is in Malaysia, my virtual assistant is in the US, my marketing team is in Denmark and India, and my finance team is in Sweden and the US. I don’t need any of these people full time right now so I hire them either on an hourly or project basis depending on what I’m working on. And all of the people I have found are amazing and love what they do…so they are very good at it.

You can’t build a company on your own. You need to surround yourself with great people who can take your vision to the next level. This is why you must be able to attract the right people at the right time for your needs.

As the expression goes: the world is your oyster. Find your pearls and make it happen!

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