Amazing Company Spotlight: GameChangers500

Imagine a Fortune 500 list for the world’s leading purpose-driven companies and their founders, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what the GameChangers 500 aims to achieve.

“Unlike other lists that profile companies based on revenue alone, the GameChangers 500 profiles organizations that are reinventing the world and redefining the rules of business around fun, fulfillment and fairness to all,” the site says.

Among the companies featured are IDEO, Google, Zappos, TOMS, Tesla, Kiva, B Lab, Grameen Bank, Khan Academy, Okabashi, Whole Foods, Virgin Unite, Lululemon, Acumen Fund and Earth Charter International. All focus on the triple bottom line and must pass the GameChangers DNA Test, which assesses the business based on: The Big Picture, How they Treat People, How they Treat the Planet and How they Keep Score. allows visitors to peruse featured organizations by Purpose, which includes categories like Champion New Brand Standards, Develop Powerful Knowledge-Sharing Technology, Grow Profits for Charity, Reinvent Energy, Transmit Meaningful Thought, Extend Lending to the Poor, and Foster Peace and Justice. Visitors then get a chance to learn about each, check out their Impact Measurement, view their “badges” and vote for featured organizations to help increase their rankings.

The GameChangers Institute is based in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica and is led by Andrew Hewitt, a Canadian author and social entrepreneur, who hopes his list of purpose-driven companies will become the equivalent benchmark for business in the near future. He hopes it “will leave the next generation aspiring to join a new breed of heart-centered organizations that are not just good at making money but are also good at making the world a better place.”

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