Virgin Unite makes positive change in the world

Virgin Unite connects amazing people and great ideas to make positive change happen in the world.

Our aim is to help revolutionize the way that governments, businesses and the social sector work together – driving business as a force for good. This is based on the belief that this is the only way we can address the scale and urgency of the challenges facing the world today.

Stop saving the world start reinventing it
We’re all about getting the right people together with the right ideas (and a little entrepreneurial magic) to help build a better world for everyone. It’s time for a revolution – a good one that is!

We truly believe all businesses can be a force for good in the world. And this starts with our very own group of Virgin businesses.
Established in 2005 we have grown to a global team of 24 people with Jean Oelwang leading the team. Virgin Unite has offices in the UK, Australia, South Africa, the US and Canada – but we go wherever there are unacceptable issues across the world.

In all we do, we are extremely privileged to be supported by a large community who ‘never accept the unacceptable’ and believe that business must be a force for good, and that doing well in business and being good go hand in hand.
Together we focus on two core areas, incubating new approaches to global leadership and working with businesses to drive business as a force for good.

Business as a Force for Good
Transforming businesses to value both people and the planet in all they do – starting with our wonderful 200 Virgin Group businesses.

Global Leadership Initiatives
Virgin Unite works closely with partners to incubate new approaches to gaps in global leadership. We identify the gap, build the plan, find partners, recruit great management teams and then launch these new initiatives, such as The Elders and The Carbon War Room.
Virgin Unite are incredibly lucky in that 100%, yes all of our overheads, are covered by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that all donations received, go direct to the frontline where they are needed most. For more information, go to

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