3 Easy Ways to Make Giving a Powerful Habit

What if giving were made so simple and fun you could do something with your mobile phone to give life saving water to someone in need? What if every time you drank a glass of water, you could give clean water to child or family who really needed it? Wouldn’t it be great to know you could have that kind of a positive impact?

drinking clean waterWell, now you can easily do this thanks to a Joy of Giving project initiated by a social enterprise called B1G1 based in Singapore in celebration of their 7th anniversary.

They’ve created a Shake the World app that you can download for free. It’s a fun way to give water. You simply shake your phone and water flows to those who desperately need it. That’s it!

And because it is sponsored by B1G1’s partner companies it’s free to you to give as well.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m all about bringing joy and giving into the workplace. B1G1—which stands for buy one, give one—makes this so easy, it’s a no brainer to participate.

In our years of researching amazing companies, one of the essential elements to creating an engaging culture for a company is contribution. By connecting the business to some sort of contributive project, whether it is on a local, global, environmental, or cause level, it brings a higher meaning into the workplace that will motivate, attract, retain, and engage both employees and customers.

This has been proven time and again with several of the companies we feature in our book Engage! such as Virgin, TOMS, Southwest Airlines, and Ben & Jerry’s.

And now we’ve discovered B1G1. Businesses and individuals can sign up to their membership site and then begin giving to hundreds of different projects where you can choose your favorites. And 100% of what is given goes directly to the projects.

So the three easy ways?

  1. Download the free Shake the World app here to start giving clean water
  2. Share it with your friends to spread the giving
  3. Check out the B1G1 website and sign up to make giving a habit

See how easy it can be to make a positive difference? When giving becomes a habit and is fun, it spreads joy into the world. Let’s go give some clean water now!

Shake The World Give Water

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