Why Culture Has a Frequency

One of my favorite things to do when I’m going to work with a new client is to actually walk through their offices. It’s important for me to see how their culture is and I do this by observing and feeling into the “vibe” of the company. That may sound strange but I can pick up on a lot of information just doing the walk through. Let me explain how this works and why it is important.

In working with so many companies, I’ve come to see that each organization is unique. It is unique in that there is no other company that has that exact group of people working together to make things happen. Yes, there are competitors with similar products and services, but each company is different specifically because of the people that come together each day there. It is like a fingerprint—a completely rare collection of humans that make up the culture.

On a personal level, I love to research a lot of the latest cutting edge science because it’s fascinating to see all that is being discovered. So stay with me while I go down a sidetrack to bring it back to culture.

Cymantics is the study of sound. There are experiments that show both with sand and water how certain notes or sounds have a unique pattern that shows up. The higher the frequency or sound, the more complex the design it makes.

You can see that these patterns show up all over our world—from church windows to a cross section of DNA, there is beauty in all of these patterns.

It is related to the Golden Ratio, which we also find patterns all over our world from galaxies to seashells.

So what does all this have to do with business?

We are living in an energetic world. When people love their jobs, when they are passionate about what they are doing, they are functioning at a higher frequency. These are the people that tend to be highly productive, inspiring leaders, engaged, and driving the business forward.

Those who are unhappy at work, hate their jobs or their bosses, feel miserable, are the employees who are disengaged or actively disengaged and are dragging the workplace down.

In recent years, there’s been a movement to measure happiness, engagement, purpose, trust, and many other “softer” sides of business to show that yes, they really do make a difference. Eventually perhaps we’ll be able to measure the culture in a way that will show just how much people love their jobs and their companies to make beautiful designs that we can actually see.

Our hearts can pick up on electromagnetic frequencies. This is what tells us subconsciously what others are feeling. It is because we are processing the electric and magnetic frequencies they are emanating.

This is why we’ve seen how important Emotional IQ is in our interactions. Judith E. Glaser is the pioneer of the Conversational Intelligence or C-IQ™ movement, which is taking it to the next level by transforming and empowering the way we communicate.

Science is helping us to see the unseen so that we can believe it and know that it does make a difference. And it is showing us just how much we are connected.

When it comes to your company culture, yes, there is absolutely a vibe or frequency to it. How much do people love their work? Are people smiling and laughing, enjoying what they are doing? Or are they stressed out, worried, or afraid? Are they coming from a place of love or a place of fear?

Many of the people I meet are quite stressed, overworked, and feel like they have too much to do. Over the long term in that environment, there is a big risk of burnout or people leaving to find a better place.

The question I have is how sustainable is that?

That’s why we work with empowering people to building sustainable engagement and trust. The purpose of my company, Evoloshen, is to bring joy to the workplace—because this is not a luxury or a want to have, it is a necessity to building a long-term successful company.

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