Service to Self vs Service to Others

Have you noticed that the types of conversations we have are changing? I definitely have. We are at a time of great change in our world. We see evidence in almost every place we look! There is a new mindset emerging and we see evidence from many different angles.

Although on the surface, there are many chaotic events happening and the world media outlets continue to push the fear agenda they always have (“if it bleeds, it leads” mentality), the underlying feeling I see is that people are more connected. Our level of awareness and consciousness is rising.

The chaos we are experiencing is a catalyst, making us be more engaged, helping us to be clearer in our beliefs and to be more vocal about what we stand for…and stand against.

The biggest sign of this is that all over the world, no one wants war and people are standing up against governments and leaders that may be trying to pursue this destructive path.

We have younger generations that want purpose-driven companies and want to feel like what they do matters. We have people of all ages wanting to make a positive difference in the world on some level. People are feeling inspired and called to step it up and find their bigger purpose.

I believe the shift we are seeing is that we humans are beginning to understand just how connected we really are. We are moving away from the greed and service to self—meaning you only care about your desires and your life. The “I” mentality is becoming obsolete as we move more towards a “WE” mentality.

We see leaders embracing and practicing servant leadership, realizing that the employees are not just “assets,” that they are what gives the company the ability to succeed. And the leaders want to help their teams step into the full potential.

The service to others mindset means caring about your co-workers and on a greater level, humanity. We are finding that we feel MORE fulfilled when we can help others on their journey. We find meaning in our lives when we can be of service to others on some level. Behind all the chaos, we are becoming more compassionate and empathetic—if you care to see it (and not buy into what the media is trying to feed us!).

Science is showing us just how connected we really are. Studies indicate that there is a field of energy that we are all connected to and that to hurt others is to hurt ourselves. Everything has a frequency and love is the energy that is binds us all together. And the more we can focus on that, and to make a conscious choice to choose love instead of fear, the more empowered we become, the more we are able to create an environment and culture where we all can thrive.

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