Why the World Needs a Purpose

In my work with culture and engagement, I’ve found that it is essential to have a clearly defined purpose. At Evoloshen, we work on three levels: individual, team, and organizational. All of our trainings weave in elements that help bring out the best in the people to make a positive impact in their teams and organizations.

I’ve seen the transformation that happens both on a personal and organizational level when there is a clearly defined purpose. It’s not easy work and it does take time. And once it’s done, it gives clarity and confidence to move forward in a very deliberate way.

When we run the Discovering Your Personal Purpose program, people go through and evaluate their life experiences and suddenly things come together. It gives people a much deeper understanding that they are here to use their personal gifts, talents, and skills in a unique way to make a positive impact in the world. It is very liberating and freeing to go through this process.

The same works for companies when we do our Discovering Your Purpose program. We tap into the heart and soul of the employees. I often use an image of this heart made from two thumbprints. A company is a unique group of individuals that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Even if there are competitors, each company has it’s own unique culture that is feels very different from the others. It’s the DNA of a company.

When leaders understand the value of figuring out their purpose and come up with a unifying purpose statement, it gives a clear direction to take the company forward. It helps with the recruitment of new talent (because the race for talent is very real right now and the younger workforce wants purpose-driven companies!). It helps to unify both the internal and external communication so that the employees and customers connect to the culture and the brand of the company. And according to research from Deloitte, a purpose-driven company has so many advantages that will have a direct impact to the bottom line.

What about our countries and our world? We are currently in a huge transition period. We are seeing so much chaos and division on certain levels. I believe we are seeing the crumbling of old systems that are unsustainable. If you look at events only from that level, it can appear very scary and uncertain. But what if we look at this from a broader perspective? That we need to let those systems go in order to find a new way, a new way of thinking and a new way of being.

This is why I believe purpose work is so vital to our world. When we work on ourselves individually, we find a level of peace and certainty within. This has a positive impact on those around us.

When a company becomes purpose-driven, they are able to create a culture where people can reach their full potential and make a positive difference in their industry and in the business world.

So what would happen if we raised this purpose work to a country level? And even to a global level? It could be a way to transform our world.

It seems on many levels humanity IS coming together to work on making a positive difference. The UN Global Goals gives us a framework to work together on certain global issues.

And there is so much more we can do! When we realize we have one planet and work consciously with compassion, understanding, values, and purpose, we can unite humanity. If we start on an individual level by being aware of how we interact and treat others, we CAN make a difference.

So let’s start on the individual level and help each other to spread positivity, love, caring, compassion, and joy in our world. We will find the way to unite humanity and perhaps one day, we’ll have a global purpose that will guide us to creating a peaceful and loving world. I believe it’s possible! And I believe in the good of humanity!

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