How Are You Making a Difference?

Do you feel that we are in the midst of a global shift? On so many levels? Everywhere you look, there is chaos in most countries right now. People are not happy with the status quo. People want change, are demanding it, for a variety of reasons. If we can lift ourselves above the drama to see the patterns, something interesting emerges.

People don’t want to continue with life as they have known it. People want change. We are looking at our priorities and evaluating what is truly important to us.

With the global connectedness we have now through technology, we are finding that by connecting, and sharing stories and information, we can collectively learn so much faster and see that even if we do have cultural or geographical differences, we are all humans sharing this one beautiful planet.

This is one of the reasons I love teaching leaders about the neuroscience of engagement and trust (NET Leadership). When we can connect on a human basis, and learn that what happens individually on a neurochemical basis actually happens to everyone because of our humanness, we transcend any differences that may exist. The results from this training are immediate and empowering to improving conversations and moving teams forward with a much higher level of trust.

Over the years, I’ve learned that most people want the same four basis things: love, joy, peace, and abundance. If we are over seven billion people on this planet, why can’t we have this? There’s nothing to say that we can’t! We must set our minds to it to make it happen.

It can sometimes seem overwhelming—how can I as one person truly make a global impact? The thing is that we all need to start with our own lives first. We set the example by taking actions in our own lives. If enough people do this, we will see a difference. In fact, it’s already happening! A friend who inspires me a lot has said:

“Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something!”

– Johan Ernst Nilson

Just take a look at the shift we’re seeing in diet. More and more people are getting self-educated on the benefits of eating organic foods and are making very conscious choices about their diets. I am consistently surprised at how this is happening all over the world.

On a personal level for example, five years ago my daughter made a choice to become vegetarian. At the time, our family was already moving away from red meats but still ate a lot of chicken. A few months later, she convinced me to watch a documentary. Once I watched that 13 minute video (If Slaughter Houses Had Glass narrated by Paul McCartney), that was it for me. And I’ve never looked back. (In fact, I’ve learned to cook amazing meals and can even recommend a cookbook called So Vegan in 5.)

I’m not here to convert you though. I use that as an example of how we can change our behaviors if we make a conscious choice. My choice has shown me that I feel better and can have a positive impact on our planet in my own little way.

This shift is happening in the business world as well as more and more people want to work for companies that have a high level of integrity and are purpose driven. It’s creating an underlying pressure for businesses to actively work on their culture.

Trust is essential to building an amazing culture. In this chaotic world, the companies and brands that truly embrace being purpose driven, that are making a positive difference in the world, are the ones that will win our trust—both as consumers as well as for attracting the best talent. These are the companies that will have the greatest success going into the future.

How are you making a positive difference? And where do you see this happening in the business world? Feel free to connect with me if you want to learn more about how Evoloshen can support you on this journey to transform your company to increase engagement, define your purpose, and build trust.

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