Destroying the Old Systems, Bringing in the New

The bulk of the systems that run our world are crumbling before our very eyes. This is key to why we see so much turbulence in the world right now. The systems we have had in place with governments, education, medical care, finance, agriculture, the environment, and business, are getting exposed with tremendous amounts of corruption and quite frankly, we will soon see that the majority have not been built for the benefit of humanity when you dig deep enough. On the outside, the world can look like a very scary place right now.

But on the contrary, if you take a look from a higher, broader perspective, and realize that what we are seeing is a systematic disruption and dismantling of our industrial-based, sorely outdated and often very corrupted structures, you will see that this is a time of HUGE opportunity, especially for businesses!

Personally, I feel businesses have the most potential right now, much more so than governments or NGOs. They have the infrastructures in place (for the really big companies) and their employees are giving their time and energy at work. If that energy can be harnessed where people are excited and love what they are doing, it makes the company far more likely to succeed. Progressive CEOs understand this and work with it on a conscious level. It’s not just about the profits, but rather a more holistic view of the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits.

People (AKA consumers, employees, the market, etc.) are actively taking action with their own time and money. They looking to support companies that authentically want to make the world a better place, companies that are taking responsibility and contributing in a meaningful way so that the leaders knowingly use their business as a force for good.

In the business world, we see the younger generations coming into the workplace and simply not accepting the status quo. They want purpose-driven companies that are making a positive impact. So CEOs are realizing they must find ways to attract and retain the top talent if they want to stay in business long term. Many companies are even investing to retrain their current employees for the skills they know they will need in the next five years. A top motivator for employees is to grow and develop, so this is a sound investment for companies to make.

After several months of connecting to CEOs all over the world for a CEO Culture Report we are putting together, one common theme is that culture is what will give them the competitive edge and they are working hard to make that happen.

Although the world may look a bit crazy right now, and it is certainly chaotic, the trust for employers is the highest of all institutions right now according to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer. It’s time to take advantage of this and use it to build an amazing company that your employees—and customers—will love!

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