HR is NOT the Enemy

I was recently talking to some front line employees at a couple of different companies and was surprised to hear how they perceived human resources. There were a lot of complaints about how they don’t do anything, they don’t give support even though they are supposed to, and that some are even fearful when they come around because it just means problems.

I’ve worked with HR professionals for many years and my observations are that the majority want to do really good things in the company….but many are completely overwhelmed and overworked. So they very often don’t have the chance to do the fun parts of their jobs that they love because they are busy putting out fires and dealing with issues that come up on a daily basis that suck up all their time. And they go home exhausted and often sad because they don’t even have the energy to give to their families.

I have also come across HR professionals who work with a CEO who is fully supportive and understand the importance of the work they do and in fact leans heavily on them as a trusted partner. Those HR professionals have much more energy and are more impactful because they have the resources they need to make a positive difference at work.

There has been a very distinct shift in Human Resources–and Marketing and Communications—professionals in the last decade. They have been elevated to a higher status in a company.

Even Jack Welch, the CEO of the Century, has stated that HR has been his most important partner in building a company. He got it! Without the right people in a company, it will be much harder to achieve targets.

So HR is vital to the lifeblood of the organization.

CEOs need to partner with HR and nurture the culture of a company so that the employees:

  1. Love the company and the vision, mission, values, and purpose, so they feel connected and that they contribute.
  2. Grow and develop in their roles so they are engaged and productive. This helps with retention of top talent and creates trust and loyalty to both leaders and the company.
  3. Are able to do amazing work that will spread throughout the company and even customers will see their enthusiasm and joy, which will increase productivity, performance and profits.

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors so treat them like gold—because they are! And allow your HR to be the heroes they were meant to be!

2 thoughts on “HR is NOT the Enemy”

  1. HI Karin,
    I love this, I totally agree. I work with so many HR professionals that get stuck at a desk working on policies, procedures, and managing conflict that they don’t get to be with people…which is why they wanted to be in HR. They can and should be a big part of humanizing the workplace.

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