Why Culture Is the Secret Sauce of a Company

We’ve gone through some roller coaster times in the last year and everyone is dealing with things in their own way. This is happening on individual, organizational, and even societal levels. And to be honest, the people and companies that are thriving are those that have come together, they have united and are supporting each other. Whether it’s family and friends, or colleagues and teams, when people feel connected to others, supported, loved, and feel safe, they can thrive regardless of the circumstances.

We have had the good fortune to support several companies during the last year at Evoloshen. These are companies whose leaders have chosen to focus on their culture and develop their people. The leaders have understood the importance of culture and have taken action to bring their people together in a cohesive way. This more vital than ever now!

We are all in the same boat, experiencing a lot of global stress and uncertainty, a lot of fear and pressures in our current world circumstances. All of it is taking a toll on people no matter where you are! We are tired and want things to change. We want to have some sense of normalcy. What I’ve observed in the last year is that how people are responding to Covid is quite personal as it is bringing up issues to be dealt with and I guess in some way, it’s forcing many to deal with their biggest fears. Others see many opportunities. How we manage our own emotional state of being is how we can manage the uncertainty around us.

According to Tony Robbins, we have six basic human needs and two of those are certainty and uncertainty. There is a paradox between these two because if we have too much certainty, we get bored. And if we have too much uncertainty, we become insecure. You need to have the balance that works for you. Right now globally, we have lived through a time of too much uncertainty, which is why a company has an even more important role with their employees.

When a company has a strong culture and people have solid relationships at work, it gives them a sense of certainty. People in those companies tend to thrive because they are working together to solve issues and problems. They feel connected and have a purpose.

It has been such a joy for us at Evoloshen to help support people by empowering them with self-awareness and tools they can use to manage their own emotional state. Learning neuroscience and how our bodies react to different circumstances gives insights on how to better manage our own emotional state of mind and helps to create better relationships through conversational intelligence.

At Evoloshen, we train and coach people to reach their full potential. We help them shift their mindset and empower them with tools to manage whatever life might throw at them. And they thrive! By developing all the employees at the same time, it is like a super booster for the company culture and their results!

We have seen the hard data that when a company invests in their employees, it increases loyalty, they grow and develop together, and this brings higher levels of engagement, joy, productivity, and well-being. Leaders who understand this will emerge as heroes and leave a legacy that lasts a long time. Culture truly does become the secret sauce to the company’s success.

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