5 Tips to Mastering Your Emotional State

In these times where fear is being pushed all around us, how can you stay in a positive state of mind? We are being bombard by negativity and the news media’s motto is “if it bleeds, it leads” is programing fear to the point it’s becoming psychotic. It is seriously linked to massive levels of anxiety, depression, and quite often fueling the flames of anger and even rage. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. When you can lift yourself above the noise and choose to look at life through a different lens, you might be surprised at how amazing life really can be! But it takes a conscious and very deliberate effort, especially these days! So here are my favorite tips to help you master your emotional state.

1. Gratitude – focusing on gratitude triggers oxytocin in your brain and helps you feel better, sleep better, and trains your brain to look for even more things to be grateful for. Regardless of your situation, you can always find something to be grateful for, I promise!

    • Start a gratitude journal
    • Do a 30 day gratitude challenge with a buddy and write down what you are grateful for each day
    • Before going to sleep or right as you wake up, think about 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. Even better if you do this both times!

2. Exercise – sounds simple but it’s so vital. We are living far too sedentary lifestyles by sitting at our computers, being coach potatoes, or binging Netflix in bed. When you exercise, you activate serotonin (good for motivation and willpower), dopamine (good for pleasure, focus, and decision-making), and norepinephrine (good for energy and concentration). When you can put yourself into peak state physically, it’s easier to feel positive and take action. We know the benefits of exercising include:

    • Reduces stress levels, anxiety, depression, and brain fog
    • Improves your memory and cognitive functioning
    • Higher self-esteem and confidence

3. Feed Your Brain Positivity – What you read, watch, and listen to has a direct impact to how you feel. You must learn to be the gatekeeper of your information. Part of the reason there are such high anxiety levels these days is because we are on information overload. Probably the best advice I received years ago was to turn off the news. You can still stay informed but be deliberate in when and how and even who you are around.

    • For every one negative thing you take in, try to counter balance it with three to five positive things. Go back to number one to master this skill!

4. Sleep well – sleep is far underrated. It’s vital to our health and well-being. Learn your optimum amount of sleep and how you feel the next day. Avoid caffeinated drinks. Eat early so that you have time to digest before you go to sleep. Turn your bedroom into your haven so that you can get quality sleep. Try not to be on devices before and definitely don’t leave them in the bedroom. When you’re rested, you are able to be in peak mental state. It’s vital now more than ever to take care of your physical body in order to be balanced emotionally and mentally!

5. Trust in the process – you might think trust is a strange one to have on this list. But I’ve found that when you lean into trust and know that everything in life is happening FOR you and not TO you, you are able to find the gifts, the blessings, and shift into gratitude.

    • If you have a high level of trust within yourself, you have more confidence.
    • If you have high levels of trust with others, you have great relationships that nurture you.
    • If you have high trust and faith in something bigger than yourself, this is a great way to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) fear.

Fear is the killer of joy. Fear is what brings about dis-ease. Fear is simply forgetting everything’s all right. Be a conscious creator of your life by choosing love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness over fear. You may be surprised at how liberating this is!

Only you can manage your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The more aware of this you are, the stronger you are, the more reliance you have, and the happier you’ll be!

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