Navigating the Great Employee Engagement Divide

2020-2021 just may go down as the most pivotal years when it comes to the workplace. The digitalization of working went into warp speed as everyone learned to work from home digitally and managers and leaders leaned into trusting their employees to get their jobs done. Instead of years, a big part of this shift happened in about six weeks. Those companies that truly cared about the wellbeing of their employees seemed to thrive.

At the same time, the majority of healthcare workers and frontline workers became extremely overworked, stressed, and navigated uncharted territory as the pandemic fear gripped the globe. We saw a huge shift in various industries. Some industries got annihilated, such as the tourism, restaurant, retail, travel, and hotel industries. While other industries that were more tech-oriented seemed to not only thrive but had exponential growth and great earnings ever like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Amazon, Netflix, etc. And let’s not forget to mention the record profits for the pharmaceutical companies as well.

What did and does this mean for employee engagement? Depending on the industry and the type of work, either companies and teams became closer as they rallied to overcome all the challenges, or they have employees that are in the process of ”The Great Resignation” with 41% of workers looking to quit and even change professions this year according to a Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 global workers. How will companies manage this trend?

What I’ve noticed is that company culture matters more than ever before. Leaders who have created a culture that truly care about their employees are thriving and the staff is happy to be in that company because it gives them a sense of safety and security, something that has been much needed during these uncertain and fearful times. Companies and leaders that haven’t shown that they truly have the courage to care are in for a big shock as their best people leave to find other work.

3 Tips for Companies: 

  • Be proactive on culture work, commit to creating a workplace that your employees love. Invest in your employees’ personal and professional growth so that they want to stay long term.
  • Build high levels of trust between your employees, teams, and leaders. Have leaders who genuinely have the courage to care. Your customers will also trust your brand even more!
  • Have a clearly defined purpose that is communicated often. This will attract and retain great talent. Even your customers will want to be a part of your journey. 

3 Tips for Individuals: 

  • Know your passions, strengths, values, and what you love to do…then see how well your job matches. Figure out what you need to do to so that you align these traits with your work.
  • Be responsible for your own engagement and what motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Visualize your dream job and sent the intention to create that for yourself.
  • Continually grow and develop yourself both personally and professionally. We are constantly evolving and the deeper you know yourself, the less you’ll tolerate anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

We will be shifting into a great divide for companies because those with great cultures and high trust will find it easy to recruit top talent. While those with toxic, low trust, and uncaring cultures will struggle as they do not have and will not attract the talent they need to thrive.

In five years, we’ll see who is left standing in this great divide. Culture is the glue that holds the company together. And culture has raised in importance and urgency more than ever before!

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