Our Systems Are Imploding—Don’t Freak Out!

With all the chaos we are witnessing in the world, our systems are imploding on themselves. We are seeing the demolition of unsustainable systems that unfortunately our world is currently built on. We can choose to see this through a lens of doom and gloom…or as one of the biggest opportunities that ever existed!

Whether you look at our governments, our educational systems, our medical systems, the financial systems, our agricultural systems, our business world, etc.…all of them are showing signs of cracking one way or another. It can look very scary and uncertain for many. The litmus test is to just ask yourself, how much do you really trust any of these systems these days?

This global pandemic has given a forced pause in our lives, and many have taken the time to reevaluate priorities and what they want to have in their lives. This is a big part of the mass exodus from their current jobs AKA The Great Resignation. People have reached a point where they will no longer tolerate something that drains their energy.

This is a key insight. If something inspires us and we are excited about it, we gain energy from it. If it drains our energy, then chances are it is not good for us. Having this personal awareness is essential to following your passions and doing something that is actually going to sustain your soul energy.

So, what to do when we see our systems cracking and starting to crumble? Be a part of the solution! Our imagination, our dreams, our goals are all essential in creating a world that we want to live in. Buckminster Fuller summed it up well:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Unless you happen to be a psychopath, the majority of people want a world that everyone can thrive in, where we feel safe, have good relationships, where we feel fulfilled by our work, and have love, peace, joy and abundance.

If we look at the problems from a global perspective, it feels overwhelming and can easily bring us down. But if we start with just ourselves (which is the only thing we have any control over anyway!), we truly can make a positive difference. The art of deliberately practicing gratitude is one way to start. Discover your personal purpose. Truly care about each other. Stop judging harshly and have compassion for each other. Do random acts of kindness. There are so many ways.

I recently read that in the next four years—from 2022 to 2026—we are going to experience the equivalent of the last 100 years of change. That means solutions will abound! As long as we make sure we use technology for the good of humanity, we have so many possibilities in front of us! It is important to embrace a solution mindset.

The flap of the rudder on a big boat is how you get the ship to turn. Consider your small “micro actions” a part of the flap that will move the rudder and eventually turn the big boat in the direction we want.

As our systems implode, do not go into fear but rather visualize and dream about how you would like the world to be. Work for purpose-driven companies that are a part of the solution. It is all these small steps that we can collectively take that will truly make a difference and start to shift the world into one we truly want to live in!

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