10 Great Tips for Resilience

Resilience is a word we are hearing quite a bit right now. And rightly so. The world has gone through over two years of very challenging times. It’s taken its toll on many of us. Living with uncertainty, fear, and at times feeling helpless, for an extended period of time drains our energy.

Many people who have work they love often feel better and are more resilient because it gives them energy. People not loving their work has contributed a lot to the Great Resignation—so many spent time evaluating their priorities and are simply not interested in energy draining work or a culture where they don’t feel valued.

Many caring leaders see that mental health and well-being are vital for a thriving organization and are proactively looking to support their teams and employees.

Here are 10 great Tips for RESILIENCE:

  1. Reframe—learning to see situations from a wider or different perspective helps you shift how you feel about the situation. An easy way to shift is changing one word: “Why is this happening TO me?” puts you in a victim mode whereas “Why is this happening FOR me?” helps you to find the lessons so you can learn and grow.
  2. Energy—most things either give us energy or drain our energy. Knowing your passions and what you love to do, and deliberately weaving these into your days and weeks, will help you to find joy and happiness. Be aware of your own energy levels and the people you interact with. Protect yourself from energy vampires and spend time with people who lift you up.
  3. Self Care & Sleep—a big part of being resilient is taking care of yourself. This is not selfish! If you take care of yourself, you’ll have more to give to others. Sleep is vital for good health and often not prioritized. Lack of sleep lowers our immune systems and energy. Be sure to recharge your own battery!
  4. Introspection—self awareness and knowing what makes you motivated and happy are essential. We all face challenges and taking time to journal, meditate, or be out in nature are all great ways to go within. Think about all the things you can be grateful for, write them down daily, and watch how just the simple practice can change your life.
  5. Laughter—this simply cannot be underestimated! Laughing regularly lightens the mood and cheers you up. It’s been said that children laugh on average 300-400 times per day and adults only 15 times. Be proactive, have more fun and laugh more often. Watch comedies, hang out with friends that make you laugh, or play with your children or pets. That will generally do the trick!
  6. Intimacy—our closest relationships are there to give us love, support, and someone to be fully open with, someone we can be vulnerable with because we feel safe with them. These are the relationships that feed our soul. Being open and vulnerable builds trust and deepens connections.
  7. Exercise—taking care of our physical body plays a big role in our resiliency. We only have one body so it’s important to prioritize exercising in some form. Even just a brisk walk helps clear the mind. Find exercises that bring you joy and weave them into your days or weeks.
  8. Nutrition—along with taking care of our physical body, the food we eat is essential. Learn about nutrition, eat foods that are closest from farm to table, meaning the less processed, the better. I can highly recommend www.WeAreSoVegan.com for delicious recipes even if you aren’t vegan. I’ve learned a lot from their recipes!
  9. Connection—one of our most basic human needs is belonging. When we have strong connections to others, it helps us not feel so alone. Empathetic listening will help you deepen your connection with others. The most resilient people tend to have a great support network through family, friends, and co-workers.
  10. Engagement and Enthusiasm— when you have enthusiasm and a purpose, it gives your life meaning, which increases your engagement. Be a good listener and think about how you can be of service to others. Helping others will shift your focus and bring you a sense of peace and joy knowing you’re having a positive impact on others.

These are some simple tips to increased your resilience levels. Pick your favorites and start to practice them today.

Many of our trainings at Evoloshen help people increase their resiliency and have more joy in their lives. Connect with us if you would like to learn more.

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