7 Gifts to Give Yourself and Others During Turbulent Times

How have you been managing the last few turbulent years? It’s been a roller coaster ride for the majority. There are so many things in our world that are uncertain, and it is likely that everyone is having to deal with their own internal issues, whether it is with your health, relationships, finances, housing, your job, etc. Normally we can handle one or two uncertain areas at a time. But when you get to three or four, you end up in crisis mode in your life. When companies have a great culture where people feel valued and that they are contributing, it gives them an anchor which is why that is such an important part of any company. Whatever your circumstances may be, you can always find ways to manage through any uncertainty.

Here are seven simple ways that will lift your mood and motivation:

  • Gratitude – practice gratitude daily. Write a list of things you are thankful for. Share this with your loved ones or close friends. This will help you see all the good things in life no matter what is happening. It can work magic!
  • Hope – gratitude leads to hope, and hope gives us a reason to keep moving forward. Imagine the best outcome, focus on that. Dream about what you’d love to have in your life and lean into trust that it will come at the perfect time.
  • Kindness – when you can be kind to others (and yes, even yourself!) you make the world a better place. Practice random acts of kindness or do whatever you can to help others in need. This will always make you feel like you’ve made a positive difference…because you have!
  • Joy – joy is love infused with happiness! Joy brings a smile to your face and lights up your heart. Joy is laughter, it is passion, it is being in a flow state, it is having fun. Joy causes positive neurochemicals to flow through your body so be aware of what brings you joy and do more of that!
  • Forgiveness – this is something we don’t talk about enough. Forgiving others is something you do to free yourself. It’s like leaving that heavy baggage you’ve been carrying for so long. Look for a lesson in the difficult situation and then release it and let it go. Those challenges have made you who you are today!
  • Love – is a state of being—our positive emotions are grounded in this state. When you embrace living your life from a state of love rather than a state of fear, good things happen! And you deserve that!
  • Trust – trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that everything will work out one way or another. Leaning into trust, having faith that things will get better, and that you will make it, helps to ride out those turbulent waves when they hit. It is also the basis for any solid relationship—even with yourself.

It’s easy to think that this is just Pollyanna thinking. But the reality is that focusing on these seven actions will increase your self-awareness, your emotional mastery, and help you connect to others in a deeper, more meaningful way. If you can model these behaviors for others, it will spread. Check out our mood management system with one of our tools called The Joymeter that you can find here: http://thejoyometer.com/

So work on being a force for good in all that you do and with everyone you interact with as much as you can. That’s where the magic starts to happen in life and know that you have everything you need within yourself. And it doesn’t cost a dime! These are the best gifts you can ever give to yourself and to those around you!

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