How Values Contribute to Making Your Company Successful

Innovative companies are changing the way we do business by becoming stellar examples that others can model. One of the ways they have accomplished this is by becoming very clear on their values… and defining them within the organization so that each and every person can not only follow these values at work but to live their lives by them as well!

This connects—and engages—the employees to the com­pany on a much deeper level and helps the employees to make solid decisions. This also makes it much easier to recruit the right people to the organization. Clearly defined values that are aligned are like a North Star guiding them to their destination.

  • Create a clear value system

The answers to this objective lie within the organization. The values won’t mean anything unless they come from within. When they come from the employees, then they will buy into the value system and make it a living, breathing part of the organization.

Even if the values end up being the same or similar, it is essential that this exercise goes out into the organization. When the employees feel that their opinions are important, and listened to, they will have a much greater feeling of contribution to the organization.

They will feel empowered and valued, therefore it is of vital importance that they are able to give their answers and vote on what they think fit in best. The leaders and team responsible for this exercise will have the final say, but with the input from the organization, it makes this a very power­ful and connecting foundational block to creating an Amazing Company.

  • Have values that you can live by in life too

When the values come from within, it becomes such a natural way of being. Every decision is made in alignment with the values of the company. When people can live their lives by these values as well, then they don’t need to think about them.

PUMA, for example, keeps it very simple. They have four core values that are easy to live by: Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative.

  • Recruit people who have the same values

You attract and hire the best people for your organization based on their values. This will be a big part of them staying longer with the company. If someone is to stay longer with a company, they need to fit into the environment and culture, and a big part of developing a particular culture is in the values of the company and the people working there.

If you match someone with their belief system, they are going to go beyond your expec­tations just because they have a passion for the company and what they are doing.

Determining values is a process that generally should take some time. Do not rush because it is such an essential part of defining the entire company culture and outlook. Once you have a list of core values that are in alignment with what you want to accomplish, and that everyone can live by, the company culture begins to shift dramatically.

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  1. This is very true! Thank you! I have also observed that Leaders are the barometers of Values and when leaders remain consistent, disciplined, humble and courageous in living values and designing processes and work around such values then the organization has a chance. A stark contrast to “posterized” values that leaders contradict which causes resentment and eventual disengagement.

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