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We are happy to know that you have an interest in attending the International Cultural Engagement Specialist Certification program that will be held in Göteborg on Oct 27th, 28th, Nov 10th & 11th. This training has been pre-approved and validated globally by the International Human Resources Certificate Institute (HRCI).

Below you can download the curriculum and all the research that is behind this unique training. Please enter your name and email to confirm your interest and we will be in touch again with you shortly with more details.

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Download the curriculum here:  ICES Curriculum

Download the Research Behind the ICES Certification Program:  The Research Behind ICES

The normal price for this training is 36.000 SEK per person and with the Göteborg stad, we are offering to you at a 25% discount so the special price is 27.000 SEK per person.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at support@evoloshen.com

Looking forward to connecting more soon!

Karin Volo

Chief Joy Bringer

Director of Evoloshen Academy